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Currently, Jessica is working on her next short film SAVAGE DAWN. This is a concept short film to be pitched as a new TV series. 

Representation matters and Savage Dawn will be helmed by a fiercely strong female lead team of all backgrounds. This story was written to bring women of different body types to the screen and show their power. Women of a curvy/plus-size body type can be kick-ass leads in an action film. Loosely based on true stories from the time, stories that aren’t seen in any movie made yet. A dark thrilling story. If given the opportunity to be made into a series, it will showcase women of all body types, ethnicity, and backgrounds.

SAVAGE DAWN follows a man whose life has been torn apart by a mysterious killer. Out for revenge, he stumbles upon a young woman who has secrets and answers to his hunt. 

 This is based on a true story about a part of the Wild West that is rarely seen on tv and in films. We want to bring to light these historical figures and give a new representation of what happened back in 1870. We can't give too much away about why this is a rare view on it as it would give away the secrets of the story and we don't want to ruin the ending for you!

Honestly, if not now then when! We found a story we truly connect with and want to tackle so why not create that now! Why wait! 

Lead by TAMIAH BANTUM - Director

Originally from Australia, now based in LA, Tamiah Bantum is a professional actor, director and filmmaker, best known for her roles on Please Like Me, Feedback and WAR. As an actor, she works primarily in film and motion capture, with skills in hand-to-hand combat, tactical weapons and swords. When she's not in front of the camera, Tamiah can be found directing and DP'ing films, music videos and commercials with her team at YoungOneStudio. In 2019, she was recognized for her work on the short films WAR and Connected with two awards at The LA Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge.

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  • Jessica Rookeward is originally from Sydney Australia and has now been living in the USA for nearly six years. She has two degrees in Musical Theatre but has now transitioned into the Film/TV/Voice Over and Stunt world! She has dubbed over 10 shows across platforms such as Netflix, Disney, Hulu and Amazon Prime. She is also the singing voice of Dashi in Octonauts: Above and Beyond on Netflix. Jessica also starred, wrote, and produced THE OUT-FIT Short Film, which has now won over 20 awards from across the world for Best Actress, Best Film and Best Script and continues to do well on the festival circuit. Her love for Archery brought her into the stunt world where she is currently training. 

  • Lee Cohen is an LA Based performer, producer and creator. Most recently, he co-created the award winning short film The Out-fit, which has been receiving tremendous acclaim across the worlds short film festivals. You can hear his work as a voice actor on numerous television shows and movies across platforms such as Netflix, Disney and Amazon Prime. Lee is also a creator, and performer, of Children’s content for both Beanstalk, an interactive virtual platform, and The Bible Players, a Jewish improv comedy troupe. Lee has a passion for telling stories, and creating art that is thought provoking, engaging and inspiring. He is thrilled to begin his work on Savage Dawn alongside his sensational partner Jessica Rookeward.

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Check out some BTS photos from the filming of our promo/trailer!

Photos taken by Maty Young

Horses provided by Ty Nitti and Monica Dahl at the Double 6 Ranch in California.

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